Please Note: New Boston resident students are subject to the school board policies for the district where the student attends school.

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A. Foundations and Basic Commitments 

AC - Nondiscrimination
AC-R Nondiscrimination Regulations
AD - Educational Philosophy Statement
ADC - Tobacco-Free Schools

 B. School Board Governance and Operations

BA - New Boston School District Goals and Objectives
BAAA - School Board Policies and Administrative Procedures
BB - School Board Legal Status
BBA - School Board Powers and Duties
BBA-R School Board Powers and Duties Regulations
BBAA - Board Member Authority
BBB - Method of Election
BBB-R - Oath of Office
BBBA - Board Member Qualifications
BBBC - Board Member or District Officer Resignation
BBBD - Board Member Removal From Office
BBBE - Unexpired Term Fulfillment
BCA - Ethics Policy Statement
BCA-R School Board Member Ethics
BCB - Board Member Conflict of Interest
BD - Organization of the Board
BDA - Board Organizational Meeting
BDB - Board Officers
BDD - Board Superintendent Relations
BDF - Advisory Committees
BDF-R Advisory Committees Regulations
BEA - Regular Board Meetings
BEC - Non-Public Sessions
BEDA - Public Notification of School Board Meetings
BEDC - Quorum
BEDG - Minutes
BEDH - Public Participation at Board Meetings
BFE - Administration in Policy Absence
BG - Board Policy Development
BGA - Policy Development System
BGB - Policy Adoption
BGC - Policy Review
BHC - Board Staff Communications
BIE - Board Member Insurance Liability

C. General School Administration

CA Administration Goals
CB School Superintendent
CB-R Duties of the Superintendent
CBI Evaluation of the Superintendent
CBI-R Evaluation Long Form
CBI-R Evaluation Short Form
CCB Line and Staff Relations
CFA Individual School Administrative Personnel
CFA-R Duties of the Principal
CFB Evaluation of Building Principals
CHCA Approval of Handbooks and Directives
CHD Administration in Policy Absence
CN Administration Conflict of Interest

D. Fiscal Management

DBC - Budget Planning
DFA Investment
DGA - Authorized Signatures Check Writing Services
DH - Bonded Employees
DJB - Purchasing Procedures
DJC - Petty Cash Accounts
DJC-R Petty Cash Accounts Regulations
DJE Bidding Requirements
DJG Vendor Relations
DK Payment Procedures
DM Cash in School Buildings
DN School Properties Disposal Procedure

E. Support Services

EB - Safety Program Joint Loss Management Committee
EBBB - Accident Reports
EBBC - First Aid
EBBD - Indoor Air Quality
EBCB - Fire Drills
EBCB-R Fire Drills in Educational Occupancies Regulations
EBCC - Bomb-Threats
EBCC-R Bomb Threats Protocol
EBCE - School Closings
EBCF - Pandemic Epidemic Emergencies
EC - Buildings and Grounds Maintenance
ECA - Buildings and Grounds Security
ECAC - Vandalism
ECAF - Audio and Video Surveillance on School Buses
ECB - Buildings and Grounds Maintenance
EEA - Student Transportation Services
EEA-R - Student Conduct on School Buses Regulations
EEAE - School Bus Safety Program
EEAEA - Mandatory Drug and Alcohol Testing
EEAG - Use of Private Vehicles to Transport Students
EF - Food Service Management
EF-R Student Meal Account Management
EH - Data Management
EHB - Data Records Retention
EHB-R Data Records Retention Guidelines
EIB Liability Insurance
EID Insurance

F. Facilities Planning and Development 

FA - Facilities Development Goals
FBB - Enrollment Projections
FE - Facilities Construction
FE-R Facilities Construction Regulations
FEA - Educational Specifications
FEB - Selection of a Design Professional
FEE - Site Acquisition Procedure
FEH - Supervision of Construction (Clerk of the Works)

G. Personnel

GA - Personnel Policies Goals
GBA - Equal Opportunity Employment
GBAA - Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence
GBAA-R Harassment Complaint Form Regulations
GBB - Employee Involvement in Decision Making
GBCD - Criminal Records Check
GBCD-R Technical Assistance Advisory Regulations
GBEA - Staff Ethics Conflict of Interest
GBEB - Staff Conduct
GBEBB - Staff Student Relations
GBEBC - Employee Gifts and Solicitations
GBEC - Drug Free Workplace
GBEF - Networks and Internet Acceptable Use
GBEF-R Networks and Internet Acceptable Use Regulations
GBG Staff Protection
GBJ Personnel Records
GBJA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
GBJA-R Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Form Regulations
GCC - Leave of Absence
GCCA - Vacation Leave
GCCBC - Family and Medical Leave Act
GCG - Rate of Pay for Substitutes
GCO - Evaluation of Professional Staff
GDO - Evaluation of Support Staff

H. Negotiations

HP - Employee Job Actions-Work-Stoppage
HPA - Employee-Job Actions-Absences

I.  Instruction

IB - Academic Freedom
IC - School Year
ICA - School Calendar
IF - Instrutional Needs of Each Individual Student
IGA - Curriculum Development
IGD - Curriculum Adoption
IGE - Curriculum Guides and Course Outlines
IHAE - Physical Education
IHAK - Citizenship Education
IHAMA - Teaching About Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco
IHBA - Program for Pupils With Disabilities
IHBAA - Determination of Eligibility Specific Learning Disability
IHBAA-R Determination of Eligibility Specific Learning Disability Form
IHBBA - Limited English Proficiency Instruction
IHBBA-R Parent Notification Form
IHBC - Readiness First Grade Placement
IHBG - Home Education Instruction
IHBG-R Administrative Procedure
IHBH - Home Education Participation in District Activities
IHBH-R Administrative Procedure
IHCA Summer Activities
IJ Instructional Materials
IJL Material Selection
IJL-R Citizen Request for Reconsideration Form
IJOA Field Trips and Excursions
IJOA-R Field Trips and Excursions Regulations
IJOC Volunteers
IJOC-R Volunteers Regulations
IKA - Academic Achievement
IKB Homework
IKE Promotion and Retention of Students
IL Evaluation of Instructional Programs
ILBA - Assessment
IMDA - Patriotic Exercises
IMAH - Daily Physical Activity

J. Students 

JEB - Entrance Age Requirement
JEB-R Administrative Procedures
JEC - Manifest Educational Hardship
JFA - Residency
JFA-R Technical Assistance Advisory Regulations
JFAA - Admission of Resident Students
JFAB - Admission of Non-Resident Students
JFABD - Admission of Homeless Students
JG - Assignment of Students to Classes and Grade Levels
JH - Student Absences and Excuses
JH-R Student Absences and Excuses Regulations
JHC - Student Release Precautions
JI - Student Rights and Responsibilities
JIB - Student Involvement in Decision Making
JIC - Student Conduct
JICD - Student Conduct Discipline and Due Process
JICD-R Memorandum of Understanding Regulations
JICDD - Student Discipline Out-Of-School
JICFA - Hazing
JICG - Tobacco Products Ban
JICH - Student Drug Abuse
JICK-Pupil Safety and Violence Prevention - Bullying
JICK-R Bullying Investigation Form
JICL - Networks and Internet Acceptable Use Students
JICL-R Networks and Internet Acceptable Use Regultions Students
JIH Student Searches and Their Property
JJA Student Activities Organizations
JJF Student Activities Fund Management
JJG Contests for Students
JJG-R Rules for Student Contests Non-School Sponsored
JKA Corporal Punishment
JKAA Use of Restraints
JKB Detention-of Students
JL Student Welfare
JL-R Student Welfare Incident Report Form
JLC Student Health Services
JLCA Physical Examinations of Students
JLCB Immunizations of Students
JLCC - Pediculosis
JLCCA-R HIV Protocol
JLCD Administering Medicines to Students
JLCD-R Administering Medicines to Students
JLCE - Student Accident and Accident Reports
JLCEA Use of Automated External Defibrillators
JLCF - District Wellness
JLCG Exclusion of Student From School for Illness
JLCG-R Exclusion of Student From School for Illness Regulations
JLCH Do Not Resuscitate Orders
JLCJ - Concussions and Head Injuries
JLCK - Special Physical Health Needs of Students
JLDBA - Behavior Management and Intervention
JQ Student Fees Fines and Charges
JRA Student Records and Access
JRA-R Student Records and Access Regulations

K. School, Community - Home Relations 

KA - School Community and Home Relations
KB - Family Involvement
KB-R Family School Compact
KDCA Use of Students in Public Information Program
KE Public Complaints
KEB Public Complaints About School Personnel
KED Public Complaints About Facilities or Services
KF Community Use of Tom Mansfield Gymnasium
KF-R Community Use-of Gym Regulations
KI Visitors to the Schools
KL Legislative Representative

L. School District Relationships 

LA Relations With Parent Organizations
LC Relations With Education Research Agencies
LDA Student Teaching and Internships

Volunteer Fingerprinting

FingerprintSAU #19 continues to host fingerprinting opportunities throughout the school year on the first Wednesday of each month from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon. Volunteers do not need to make an appointment during these open times, just check in with the receptionist at the SAU office. You will need a photo identification and a personal check or money order for $20.75 made payable to State of NH - Criminal Records (which per-New Boston policy, can be reimbursed once you document six hours of volunteer time). Cash payment will no longer be accepted.

Bus Routes


The Goffstown Truck Center has provided Bus Route Schedules for the 2017-2018 School Year. Please review these routes carefully, as they may have changed from previous years. If you have questions about these routes, please contact the Goffstown Truck Center at 497-3111.



The following calendars are available:

2017-2018 New Boston Central School Calendar (includes updated calendar with snow days)

Facilities Calendar