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Library Catalog - What is in our Library?

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 Library Catalog

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Green cylinder, blue cone, parabola, spheres and square root of x symbol
Big Ideas Math
Blue oval with Brain Pop
Brain Pop
Blue rectangle with scissors
Clip Art Gallery
Red square with McGraw Hill Education
ConnectEd h8x0
Red, blue and yellow crayons
Connected u7e0
Blue square with globe and Capital D
Discovery Ed.
Stack of 3 books
 Outline of an Owl
 A square around a green flower with Go Noodle
Blue, red, yellow and green capital G
Google Login
Gold capital H with History written beneath it
History Channel
Red, blue, yellow and green square with Kahoot! written over it in white
Yellow square with cartoon bee
Kids Spell
Capital L made with rainbow polka-dots
Black square with blue whale and MobyMax inside
Black square with yellow rectangle inside
National Geographic
Black square with blue and green check mark and n T
Black circle with the outline of a male lion's head
NYPL Digital Gallery
Purple Square with Pebble Go inside
Red, Yellow and Blue books inside a circle that says Scholastic Reading Counts
Reading Counts
Sunset behind a city skyline with Vocabulary Spelling City written in the sky
Spelling City
Blue denim textured capital T
Blue square with a white globe outline and World Book inside
World Book
Open book with a sun rising from it and the words Read Naturally
Read Naturally


Volunteer Fingerprinting

FingerprintSAU #19 continues to host fingerprinting opportunities throughout the school year on the first Wednesday of each month from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon. Volunteers do not need to make an appointment during these open times, just check in with the receptionist at the SAU office. You will need a photo identification and a personal check or money order for $20.75 made payable to State of NH - Criminal Records (which per-New Boston policy, can be reimbursed once you document six hours of volunteer time). Cash payment will no longer be accepted.

Bus Routes


The Goffstown Truck Center has provided Bus Route Schedules for the 2017-2018 School Year. Please review these routes carefully, as they may have changed from previous years. If you have questions about these routes, please contact the Goffstown Truck Center at 497-3111.



The following calendars are available:

2017-2018 New Boston Central School Calendar (includes updated calendar with snow days)

Facilities Calendar