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New Boston Central School is excited and honored to be hosting two Artist in Residence programs this year.  Shandra McLane, glass artist will be working with the sixth grade students and Cynthia Robinson, eco-artist will be working with the Readiness, first and second grade students.

Shandra McLane

Shandra McLane

Beginning in late September, Shandra will work with the sixth grade students and staff creating a sculptural relief that will be permanently installed in the school.  The culminating event and unveiling will be November 17.  

Shandra McLane is an experimental glass artist and educator based in New England, and is an active advocate of the STEAM initiative and interdisciplinary practices. Her work addresses pertinent social and environmental issues and strives to function simultaneously as visually enticing and socially relevant. Shandra holds a BFA from the University of Southern California and a M.Ed. in Integrated Arts from Plymouth State University.  Shandra was formally trained at the Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, Washington, the nation’s leading institution for the study of glass art.  She is currently a professor at Plymouth State University along with overseeing and working at Squam River Studios. ( ).  Shandra has received national and international recognition: as a semi-finalist in the prestigious 2010 Bullseye Glass Emerge Competition, as the recipient of the 2015 Swedish American Exchange Fund grant and as a 2015 recipient of a residency aboard a sailing vessel that traveled to the Arctic Circle. As a recipient of the Swedish American Fund Grant, the curriculum “Engineering the Glass Seed” was developed.  Shandra has taught this STEAM based initiative locally (Dartmouth Thayer School of Engineering,) nationally (Museum of Glass, Washington), and internationally (The Glass Factory, Sweden).  This course is now registered with the NH State Council on the Arts and is the core of the residency that is planned for the New Boston sixth grade students.

Shandra is currently working on a long term project, "Oceans In Relief".  Inspired by her recent trip to the Arctic (Svalbard, Norway), she is creating a body of work representing all five oceans focusing on issues of climate change to each region. Her work will be displayed at the White Mountain Museum in January 2017.


Cynthia Robinson

Cynthia will be here in the spring, working with the Readiness, first and second grade students in our Natural Playground.  Cynthia’s curriculum goals seamlessly integrates science, social studies, math, technology and visual arts. Along with her community goals of promoting youth stewardship, local volunteerism and community projects, Cynthia looked at our Natural Playground and saw many possibilities for a residency.  The Readiness, first and second grade teachers, along with the Integrated Arts team have already met and started the planning process.  Cynthia will begin the residency with a school-wide presentation on Thursday, April 20th.  The culminating event will take place on May 18, 2017.

Cynthia is a Teaching Eco Artist, whose work aims to improve relationships with the natural world by promoting ecological awareness, positive action, social responsibility, and a sense of place, through the power of visual arts experiences. Her programs engender collaboration and community and are based in the art/environment experience of local landscapes, and include natural materials exploration, nature observation/reflection, outside teaching space investigation, and local habitat celebration. Cynthia has a BS in Studio Art from Skidmore College and an MFA in Visual Art from Vermont College. She has many years of art teaching experience, from preschool through high school, as well as in non-traditional educational settings. Cynthia has worked with NH schools as an arts administrator promoting arts integration, and is currently working with the New Hampshire Child in Nature Coalition. 

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